About me

Photographer: Keith Penner

I was born in London Ontario and received a BA and MA at the University of Toronto. I taught secondary-school history and social sciences for the Durham and Peel Boards of Education, and at Branksome Hall, a Toronto independent girl's school. It was my love of teaching a single course, a multidisciplinary Western Civilization programme, combined with a passion for international travel, wide reading and conversation that inspired the two volumes of that That Line of Darkness: The Shadow of Dracula and the Great War and The Gothic from Lenin to bin Laden. Writing became a compliment to teaching that enabled me to reach a larger audience. Currently, I'm writing regularly for Critics at Large, an online publication based in Toronto.

In addition to my professional responsibilities, I enjoy swimming, cycling and walking, particularly the cities of New York, London and on the continent. I will always find a way to ferret out interesting second hand bookstores, stimulating theatre and art galleries that will be the subject of wonderful conversation over good food and wine. For twenty-five years, I and my wife, Gayle have hosted monthly soirees to explore a diverse range of political-social and artistic topics.

- Robert A. Douglas

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  1. Enjoyed meeting you at our dinner table at the Arts and Letters Club. We all enjoyed a scintillating discussion. The whole evening was a terrific creative idea. I am away for the next month but I shall look forward to conversing with you again. I see you were at Branksome! My granddaughter is n grade seven there.