Wednesday 14 February 2024

Resources for Week Seven: Trump's Gaslighting of America

This insightful slim volume is especially relevant for our times.

 The January/February 2024 edition  of The Atlantic contains twenty-four sobering articles warning about a second Trump presidency. It also contains a moving personal essay by Tim Alberta "The Church of America."

                                    This is an excellent study of authoritarism  in which Ben-Ghiat demonstrates that the former President has much in common with his totalitarian predecessors and shares similar traits to contemparies such as Putin and Orban whome he admires


Imani Perry's South to America - part memoir
, part travelogue and part social commentary - is an excellent overview for much that we have explored in this series.

I mentioned this wonderful book in week one but it should be underscored because Maddow explores fascism in America during the 1930s and 1940s in America  and the book serves as a warning for what could happen in the near future. What she also highlights is how ordinary people challenged this dangerous movement.

I do not usually recommend books that I have not yet read but I will make an exception for these two books written by two conservatives who have challenged the former president when so many Republicans have been unwilling. 


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